Welcome to SoundSpice Acid Loops For Creative Producers.

Here at SoundSpice we make unique royalty free Acid Loops for use in your music productions. Whether you stick to the studio or like to go out and perform live on stage – SoundSpice is dedicated to making good grooving Acid Loops samples that will help to inspire you. While you’re here visiting the SoundSpice website be sure to hit up the WebShop to hear some mp3 demos of our Acid Loops sets & grab some freebee try-before-you-buy Acid Loops packs. No demo restrictions on the freebee Acid Loops packs, and no email sign up either, just click to download, unzip them, and you are ready to start making a track. * Demo packs not available on ebay, only at PerimeterSound @ Producer Loops and SoundSpice @ Producer Loops

Styles of Acid Loops available

SoundSpice brings you many different styles of Acid Loops for use in your music projects. Below is a brief overview of our titles, and what you can expect from them style-wise. For different styles and more collections & software synth patches – please visit our original Acid and REX loops & Zebra patches site Perimeter Sound and take a look in our webshop there.

Lately we have been doing mostly one-off titles in the Industrial/Electronica (all 130bpm loop samples) and Trip Hop (all 90bpm loop samples) styles. The are all labelled with those genre names as part of the titles, so there shouldn’t be any confusion. I started doing that a couple of years back just to help people have a little better idea of what they might be buying at a glance. An additional bonus is that it’s much easier and better to mix and match the loops between sets, since they are all the same bpm these past few years. You can of course pitch shift them and speed them up or slow them down, but personally I don’t like to shift more than +3/-3 or change the speed by more than 5-10bpm, things start to sound a little off then, which can be cool for effects or a break section, but in general the closest to the bpm and key you want to start with is best for the overall sound of your track.

Little Worlds – Much like the ‘Memory Lane’ series, ‘Little Worlds’ is about that cinematic/ambient sound. Everything is 130bpm, so you can mix & match between each set, and with the ‘Memory Lane’ series as well.

Memory Lane – Longer loops make up the bulk of this series, lots of pads and experimental synths, as well as some beats & percussion, and a handful of basslines to hold it all down. Add some sound to your pictures, these sets would be great for scoring scenes in a video. All loops are 130bpm for maximum mixing and matching.

Station Z Electronica – Cinematic vibes meet alien radio grooves. All 3 sets are at 130bpm for easy mixing and matching. Great for track starters as well as remixes, and you might even find them handy in a soundtrack scene.

Neon City Dub – This series touches on dub as well as dance styles, and there’s also plenty of just general upbeat electronica to be had. If you need some loops for a remix, these sets will help you open new doors and get things moving right away.

World Tempo – These collections are for fans of the ‘World Tek’ series we did for Producer Loops, and fans of the classic Perimeter Sound ‘Abstract World Fusion’ series. Tons of beats & percussion, and some interesting synths and basses make for a powerful combination in this series.

Defective Dance – An updated take on the ‘Dance Glitch’ series I did for Producer Loops years back. These new collections feature more dance and less glitch, but they continue the tradition of heavy grooves and beats for days. Check this trilogy out if you are a little tired of the same old same old when it comes to dance styles.

Industrial Glitch – A triple threat of loud beats and louder synths. For fans of the ‘Ambient Glitch’ series I did for Producer Loops, or the Bio-Mechanic Beats series I did with Perimeter Sound, this is the latest incarnation of those styles. More industrial and a little less glitch, but nothing sounds completely normal or too polished in these sets. Get your ‘musical noise’ on, or just carefully dirty up some tracks in progress with these extras.

Time Lapse Trip Hop – 3 collections of slower tempo moody grooves, each set has 300megs of 24bit Acidized .wav content. Combine these loop sample sets with either Breakbeats – Structured, or ‘SuperNatural Glitch Hop’ for endless new tracks & remix possibilities. Get some of that sleepy-dubby sound in your mixes.

Breakbeats – Structured – A trilogy of loop samples focused on Breakbeats in lower speeds, mostly from 75-110bpm, and most of the content is breaks and percussion loops. A cross between ‘SuperNatural Glitch Hop’ and the Perimeter Sound series ‘Bio-Mechanic Beats’. Mix and match these loops with others in your collection to really create a whole new sound.

Synthwave – Hindsight – This series focuses on the more 1980s and 1990s sequencer synthesizer sounds and drum machine beats. A mix of old & new, with hints of sci-fi, dub and world music from soundtracks of the past. All the loops are 140bpm, while most of the tracks (kits, with Midi and 24bit Acidized .wav loops) follow a more halftime feel. This series shares a lot in common with the Dub Extraction & Other Space Industrial series, and they mix well together.

Other Space Industrial – This series focuses on a very synth heavy sound, often times with distorted parts and heavy bass & kick drums. From the ‘Ambient Glitch’ series and the ‘Experimental Dubstep’ series I did for Producer Loops, Other Space Industrial and Dub Extraction were born. All the loops are 140bpm, while most of the tracks (kits, with Midi and 24bit .wav format Acid Loops) follow a more halftime feel. This series shares a lot in common with the Dub Extraction series, and they mix well together.

Dub Extraction – Electronic dub with hints of dubstep. This series is also all done (5 kits with both Midi and 24bit .wav format Acid Loops) at 140bpm to match with modern EDM styles. If you like the ‘Experimental Dubstep’ series I did for Producer Loops, then you might very well like these collections as well. Things are a little more spaced out and not as wobble heavy, with lots of groove and mood.

Clanks – As originally heard in the ‘Ambient Glitch’ series I did for Producer Loops. These sets are just fully loaded with tons of different clank percussion loops. Rhythmic variations to spare, when you need some metallic hits for your next production Clanks is one stop shopping. You will end up adding this unique flavor to almost any style of music that you do. Most of these loops are in the 120-140bpm range. 24bit .wav format Acid Loops.

SuperNatural Glitch Hop – From trippy synths, to videogame inspired fx, all the way to drum machine beats and even some real live recorded drum kit beats. Get heavy on the natural while staying lite on the glitch, when you want to slow the groove down and you want it a little dirty & grimy, these collections are for you. Most of these loops are in the 75-90bpm range. 24bit .wav format Acid Loops.

Dark Speed Drum-n-Bass – When you’re in a hurry these high speed loops will get you there faster. For creative and progressive drum n’ bass productions, and all of your tracks that need that next level of energy. Accelerate the vibe with this series of ‘experimental’ drum n’ bass loops. A huge set of beats & percussion, as well as some basses, synths and effects in every set. Most of these loops are in the 150-160bpm range. 24bit .wav format Acid Loops.

Darc Skreen FX & One-Shots – Tons of sound fx loop samples, and over 100 original one-shots in each set. If you need to add some accents to your tracks, or score a video you made then this series is a goldmine for you. Use the one-shots to lay down some distinctive beats, and then add some fx to really set the scene. Please note – These are not real world ‘foley fx’ sounds, they are more modern and electronically enhanced and effected. 24bit .wav format Acid Loops.

Cartoon Swagger – Bring the swing and expect the funk, this series has been compared to the kind of bumper music heard during cartoon shows on the comedy channel. Quirky synths blend with dance-able beats to create an almost uncopyable sound. Beats, synths, fx, basses and more. You get a complete groovy electro toolkit in every volume. 24bit .wav format Acid Loops.